Our Core Values

Our Core Values: I AM WELLCARE

The Company and its employees shall conduct business and build relationships guided by the following beliefs and standards.
INTEGRITY– Do What Is Right, Fair and Just
We shall demonstrate integrity by being honest and truthful in how we serve, being steadfast in our principles, morals & corporate ethical standards, being consistent in demonstrating good character, doing what is right and not what is good, keeping our promises and fulfilling expectations, communicating openly and respectfully, dealing fairly and equitably.

ACCOUNTABILITY– Responsibility for Our Actions
We shall be accountable for our own actions may the result be positive or negative. We shall own the outcomes of our choices, actions, behavior and the delivery of the tasks we are assigned. We shall perform the duties required by our jobs, fulfill the goals and objectives set for us to do. Likewise, we shall with all our power and effort prevent something to go wrong.

MISSION DRIVEN– Commitment to Excel And Continuous Improvement
We shall commit ourselves to excel in our delivery of services, enhance & preserve our patient’s health & wellness. We shall endeavor to set high standard of ethics and morals, put our mission before our individual needs, complete the tasks needed to deliver our mission despite obstacles that may arise, make a positive impact in the community that we serve, follow rules and orders aimed at delivering our mission and work harmoniously with our team in achieving our mission.

WISDOM– Understanding and Accepting What Is Important
We shall strive to adhere to what is fundamental and important to our lives and our work, continuously improve ourselves in knowledge, experience & judgement, make sound decisions that are prudent and judicious taking into consideration the good of the many, remain humble in the face of success, grounded and steadfast in the midst of adversity, understand first before wanting to be understood and make use of God’s given talent and time to serve others.
EXCELLENCE– What We Do, We Do Well and Passionately
We shall be passionate about doing a job well. We shall give our best in all that we do and hold ourselves accountable for its results. Quality and customer service shall be our highest priority. We shall seek and exhibit competence, reliability, professionalism, conscientiousness, innovation and creativity. We shall continuously improve ourselves technically and personally so that we may share our knowledge and skills with others.

LEADERSHIP– Courage to Use God’s Given Talents
Each of us were bestowed gifts or talents by the Lord to lead ourselves and others. It is His will for us to establish a direction and a positive influence for others to follow. Let us strive to lead a righteous life at home, at work and wherever we are. We shall not be afraid to explore our strengths and overcome our limitations. We shall create an environment where we and our colleagues can effectively communicate and express ourselves positively. We shall motivate and inspire each other to reach our potentials and deliver the results expected from us. We shall serve with passion so that others may serve us.

LOYALTY– Devotion to Our Work and The Company’s Success
Unwavering allegiance, devotion and faithfulness. We shall stay firm in our support and be invested in our roles and in the Company. We shall be devoted to the Company’s success and work hard to attain it. We shall protect its assets and interests. We shall believe in our Company, and as its ambassadors represent it in a positive light, increase awareness, and successfully promote our products and services.

COMMITMENT– Begin and End Everything with Intimacy
We commit ourselves to exert effort to build close affinity with our patients, clients, superiors, peers, subordinates and doctors. We shall honor what we promised and deliver it with passion, excellence and on time. We shall give time, energy and a conscious effort in performing our tasks and responsibilities to help the Company achieve its goals. We shall continuously move forward, innovate and improve how we think, how we act and how we do things and to put patients’ safety and health first.

ALL TOGETHER (TEAMWORK)– Togetherness and Enthusiasm
We shall cultivate positive relationships and an environment where every person is valued, recognized, and rewarded for his /her efforts. We shall give each other encouragement, support and assistance. We shall work collaboratively, combining our individual strengths, and providing constructive feedback in order to achieve our common goal.

RESPECT– Be A Blessing Not A Burden
Regard for oneself, for others, and for authority. We shall have self-respect and earn the respect of others. We shall accept that we all have our weaknesses and strengths; thus, we shall act with deference to each other. We shall treat others with dignity, empathy and compassion. We shall conduct our tasks with humility, modesty, tolerance, diplomacy and forgiveness.

EMPATHY– Understand First Before Asking to Be Understood
We shall show compassion at all times and patience in understanding others. We shall be sensitive to and understand what others are experiencing as if we are feeling it ourselves. We shall go out of our way to show kindness, care, and willingness to help others.

Quality Statement

We shall continuously pursue excellence and quality in delivering healthcare services to our patients and community that we serve in general